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800H welding processing and heat treatment characteristics
Date:2024-05-23 14:17:56View:135Tags:Nickel Alloy Supplier

As a high-quality material, 800H shows unique advantages in various process applications. Whether it is processability, weldability or heat treatment characteristics, 800H shows similar properties to austenitic steel, but is unique in some aspects.


First, let’s take a look at the processing performance of 800H. Its hot and cold working properties are roughly the same as austenitic steels, meaning engineers can rely on familiar process parameters and operating procedures during machining. The temperature range of thermal processing is 1000~1230℃, and in some simple processing situations, the temperature can even be as low as about 850℃. However, special attention should be paid to the fact that materials may crack within the temperature range of 650 to 850°C, so this temperature range must be strictly avoided during processing. For cold working, the performance of 800H is equivalent to that of austenitic stainless steel, but it is worth mentioning that its work hardening properties are slightly lower than that of austenitic stainless steel. This means that 800H is less likely to harden during cold working, thus maintaining better processing quality and efficiency.


Next is weldability. The welding of 800H is very similar to standard austenitic stainless steel and can be welded by TIG welding, MIG welding and manual arc welding. Commonly used welding rods include AWS ERNiCr-3/AWS ENiCrFe-2. This makes the NAS 800H extremely flexible and adaptable in situations where welding is required.


Finally, let’s take a look at the heat treatment characteristics of 800H. Because it has an austenitic structure, the heat treatment method is very similar to that of austenitic stainless steel. There is usually a wide range of heat treatment temperatures available. For example, the solution heat treatment temperature can be selected between 1100 and 1170°C. In some specific occasions, such as when the ambient temperature is high or a certain creep rupture strength is required, a higher solution heat treatment temperature can be selected according to the ASTM B409 standard, such as above 1121℃ (UNS N08810) or 1149℃ above (UNS N08811).


800H duplex stainless steel shows similar properties to austenitic steel in terms of processing, welding and heat treatment, but it has unique advantages in some aspects. This makes 800H have extremely high practical value and broad market prospects in applications in chemical industry, petroleum, marine engineering and other fields.


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