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China Supplier Special Steel High Quality Stainless Steel 254SMO Pipe

254SMO is a stainless steel, UNS S31254 is its international brand, German brand W.-Nr. 1.4547, forgings are F44, which is also commonly referred to as 6Mo steel.
This highly corrosion-resistant super austenitic stainless steel was developed for halide and acid environments, and is widely used in harsh environments such as high concentration chloride ion media and seawater.
In various industrial occasions in acid media, especially in acids containing halide, 254SMO is far superior to other stainless steels, and in some cases can be comparable to Hastelloy and titanium.

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Model: 254SMO

Ronsco 254SMO Parameter Table
254SMO, UNS S31254, DIN W.Nr.1.4547, 6Mo, F44, NAS 185N, SUS 312L
Genenal Introduction
254 SMOis an austenitic stainless steel with good corrosion resistance. Its C content is less than 0.03%, so it is called pure austenitic stainless steel (< 0.01% is also called super austenitic stainless steel). Super stainless steel is a kind of special stainless steel. First of all, it is different from ordinary stainless steel in chemical composition. It is a kind of high alloy stainless steel with high nickel, high chromium and high molybdenum. Among them, 254SMO with 6% Mo is more famous. This kind of steel has very good local corrosion resistance. It has good pitting corrosion resistance (PI ≥ 40) and good stress corrosion resistance under the conditions of seawater, aeration, crevice and low-speed scouring. It is an alternative material for Ni based alloy and titanium alloy.
Chemical Composition:
ContentCSi MnSNiCrPMoCuNFe

17.50 19.50 
6.00 0.50.18BAL
Max0.02 0.80 1.00 0.0118.50 20.50 0.03 6.50 1.00 0.22 BAL

Forms & Specifications
Bar & Profile: ASTM A276/ASME SA276
Thick Plate, Sheet & Strip: ASTM A240/ASME SA240,
Seamless pipe/tube: ASTM A312/ASME A312, ASTM A213/ASME SA213, ASTM A269/ASME SA269,
Welded nominal pipe: ASTM A312/ASME A312,  , ASTM A269/ASME SA269, ASTM A249/ASME SA249, ASTM A409/ASME SA409
Pipe fittings: ASTM A403
Forgings: ASTM A473, ASTM A182
Physical PropertiesApplication:
Density: 8.24g/cm³
Melting range: 1320°C -1390°C 
Ocean: marine structures in the sea environment, seawater desalination, marine aquaculture, seawater heat exchange, etc.
Environmental protection field: flue gas desulfurization device for thermal power generation, wastewater treatment, etc.
Energy sector: atomic power generation, comprehensive utilization of coal, and ocean wave power generation.
Petrochemical industry: refining, chemical and chemical equipment.
Food field: salt making, soy sauce brewing, etc.
High concentration chloride ion environment: paper industry, various bleaching devices.
Typical Mechanical Properties:
Material Temp℃Yield Strength 0.2%
min. (mpa)
Tensile Strength
min.  (mpa)
BarRT310 690 
tubeRT310.00 655.00 
Sheet & StripRT310 690 
PlateRT310 655 

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