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What is Die Forging? What are the classifications of Die Forgings?

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What is die forging?

Die forging refers to a forging method that uses a mold to form a blank on a dedicated die forging equipment to obtain a forging. The forgings produced by this method have precise dimensions, small machining allowances, complex structures and high productivity.

What are the classifications of die forging?

Die forging is divided into open die forging and closed die forging. The metal blank is compressed and deformed in a forging die cavity with a certain shape to obtain forgings. Die forging is generally used to produce parts with low weight and large batches. Die forging can be divided into hot die forging, warm forging and cold forging. Warm forging and cold forging are the future development direction of die forging, and also represent the level of forging technology.

According to materials, die forging can be divided into ferrous metal die forging, non-ferrous metal die forging and powder product forming. As the name suggests, the materials are carbon steel and other ferrous metals, copper and aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and powder metallurgy materials.

Extrusion should belong to die forging, which can be divided into heavy metal extrusion and light metal extrusion.

Closed die forging and closed upsetting are two advanced processes of die forging. Because there is no flash, the utilization rate of materials is high. It is possible to complete the finishing of complex forgings with one process or several processes. Because there is no flash, the force-bearing area of the forging is reduced, and the required load is also reduced. However, it should be noted that the blanks cannot be completely restricted. For this reason, the volume of the blanks should be strictly controlled, the relative position of the forging dies and the measurement of the forgings should be controlled, and efforts should be made to reduce the wear of the forging dies.