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Difference Between Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe and Nickel Alloy Welded Pipe

TIME : 2021-03-26 HITS : 16

Simple Introduction      

Nickel-based alloys have a high alloy content, such as Cr, Ni, Mo, etc., and still have good comprehensive properties under high temperature and high corrosion environments, such as: strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance; excellent high temperature corrosion resistance, Stress corrosion performance; some have good corrosion resistance in reducing media and oxidizing media. It is widely used in the flue gas desulfurization device of thermal power generation, wastewater treatment; chemical, petrochemical, and marine development industries in the production of chemicals with strong corrosive media and harsh environments, heaters, heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers and pipelines Manufacturing; nuclear power generation in the energy field, comprehensive utilization of coal, sea tide power generation; marine structures in the marine environment, seawater desalination, mariculture, seawater heat exchange; salt production in the food field, soy sauce brewing, etc. 

Production processing      

Seamless pipe: Smelting-Electroslag-Heat   Treatment-Surface grinding-Forging-Annealing-Perforation-(Aging treatment)-Turning-Machining-Cleaning-Finished product Inspection-Packing

Welded pipe: Strip Coil-Water Cutting (Slitting)-Edge Treatment-Heating-Roll Pipe-Weld Seam Cleaning-Shaping-Welding (Submerged Arc Welding/Fill Welding)-Heating-Round Straightening-Nondestructive Testing-Heat Treatment-Flat Head -Water pressure-surface treatment-finished product inspection-Packing     

Ronsteel's Advantage      

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