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China Manufacturer Special Steel High Quality GH3030 High Temperature Alloy Steel Pipe Plate Bar

Application: Industrial
Standard: GB
Alloy: Alloy
Type: Nickel Bar, Nickel Plate, Nickel forging, Nickel Pipe
Powder: Not Powder Transport Package: Wooden

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Model: GH3030
Brand: Ronsco

GH3030 solid solution strengthening type high temperature alloy is the early development of ni - cr solid solution strengthening 20 -80 type high temperature alloy, the chemical composition is simple, under 800 ℃ has satisfactory heat intensity and high plasticity, and has good oxidation resistance, thermal fatigue, cold stamping and welding performance. Alloy after solid solution treatment for single-phase austenitic, stability in use process organization.

Chemical Composition:


Thermal performance:


Specific Heat:


Process Performance:

1.The alloy has good forgeability, the forging heating temperature is 1180 ℃, and the final forging is 900 ℃.

2. The average grain size of the alloy is closely related to the degree of deformation of the forging and the final forging temperature.

3.  After heat treatment, the oxide scale on the surface of the part can be removed by sandblasting or pickling.

G3030 Application:

The G3030 alloy has been tested for a long time on aero engines, and is mainly used for components such as combustion chambers and afterburning chambers, as well as mounting edges of the casing.

Ronsco Supply GH3030 product specifications and Deliver status:Products Forme: GH3030 Seamless Pipe, GH3030 Sheet & Plate, GH3030 Round Bar, GH3030 Forging, G3030 Flange, G3030 Forging Ring etc.

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