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China Manufacturer Special Steel High Quality Nickel Allloy Hastelloy C Pipe Plate

Hastelloy Calloy contains a large amount of Cr, Mo and other elements, and has a single-phase austenite structure.
Hastelloy C has many excellent corrosion-resistant alloys, and has good resistance to oxidizing and moderately reducing corrosion.
Hastelloy C has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and good resistance to local clothing. It has satisfactory corrosion resistance in Hengduo chemical process media, including immersion in inorganic acid solutions of constant strength, chlorine and various chloride-containing products. Medium, dry chlorine, formic acid and acetic acid, sea water and salt water, etc.

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Model: Hastelloy C (UNS N10002/W.Nr.2.4819)
Brand: Ronsco

Ronsco Hastelloy C Parameter Table
Hastelloy C (UNS N10002/W.Nr.2.4819), AMS 5750, 0Cr15Ni60Mo16W5Fe5
Genenal Introduction
Hastelloy C which is a corrosion resistant alloy with many excellent properties which are very resistant to oxidizing and medium reducing corrosion.

It has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and good local clothing ability, and has satisfactory corrosion resistance in many chemical process media, including strong corrosion of inorganic acid solution, chlorine and chlorides, dry chlorine, formic acid and acetic acid, sea water and salt water.              

Hastelloy C alloy is a versatile nickel-chromium-molybdenum tungsten alloy, which has better overall corrosion resistance than other existing nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys, including Hastelloy C276, C4 alloy and 625 alloy. Hastelloy C alloy has good resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It has excellent resistance to oxidizing water media, including wet chlorine, nitric acid, or mixed acids of oxidizing acids containing chloride ions.

At the same time, Hastelloy C alloy also has ideal resistance to reducing and oxidizing environments encountered during the process. Relying on this omnipotent performance, it can be used in some troublesome environments, or in a variety of production purpose factories. Hastelloy C alloy has exceptional resistance to various chemical environments, including strong oxidizing substances, such as ferric chloride, copper chloride, chlorine, thermal pollution solutions (organic and inorganic), formic acid, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, sea water and Salt solution, etc. Hastelloy C alloy has the ability to resist the formation of grain boundary precipitation in the welding heat-affected zone, so that it can be adapted to many chemical process applications in the welding state.

Chemical Composition:


Typical Physical & Mechanical Property:
DensityMelting pointTensile strength, MPaYield strength, MPaElongation,%
8.89 g/cm31325-1370℃76036362

Product Forms & Specifications
Rod, Bar, Wire, ForgingsASTM B462/ASME SB462, ASTM B564/ASME SB564, DIN 17752/17753/17754, ISO 9723/9724/9725
DIN 17752, ISO 9723
Plate, Sheet, StripASTM B575/ASME SB575, ASTM B906/ASME SB906, DIN 17750, ISO 6208
Pipe, TubeASTM B622/ASME SB622, ASTM B619/ASME SB619, ASTM B626/ASME SB626, ASTM B751/ASME SB751, ASTM B775/ASME SB775, DIN 17751, ISO 6207
OthersASTM B366/ASME SB366, DIN17744
Welding ProductsAWS A5.14/ERNiCrMo-4, AWS A5.11/ENiCrMo-4

1.Control of iron and chromium in the lowest content, prevent the formation of beta phase Ni4Mo.
2.Excellent corrosion resistance to the reduction environment.
3.Excellent resistance to moderate sulphuric acid and many non oxidizing acids.
4.Good resistance to chloride stress reduction stress corrosion cracking (SCC).
5.Excellent ability to endure a variety of organic acid corrosion.
Hastelloy C is widely used in the field of chemical, petrochemical, energy manufacturing and pollution control, especially in sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid and other industries.

Typical Mechanical Properties:
ProductStandardYield Strength 0.2%
min. (mpa)
Tensile Strength
min.  (mpa)
Sheet & PlateASTM A240≥490≥220
Seamless Tube & PipeASTM A213≥490≥215
Seamless/Welded Tube and PipeASTM A312≥490≥215
Welded TubeASTM A249≥490≥215
Seamless/Welded TubingASTM 269

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