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Qingtuo Accept Orders for European Customers for Aviation Special Forging Products

TIME : 2021-03-17 HITS : 28

Qingtuo offered solutions for one of our European clients as of special aviation forging products,with thorough analysis and research by our professional engineers in the production department. Qingtuo’s solution not only satisfied the needs of forging components, design requirements of various performance indicators, and also offered with the forging fiber streamline with specific direction. It features the first-rate fibre’s forging processing to meet the needs of all inquiries.

Forged fiber streamlines, also known as flow grain, are to break the forging metal brittle impurities along with the main elongation direction of the metal is broken granular or chain distribution. As the metal deforms, plastic impurities are banded along the main elongation direction, so that the hot forged metal structure has a certain directionality and high tensile strength along the streamline direction (longitudinal). If the characteristics of high longitudinal strength of streamline organization can be used in the production, the streamlined organization of the forgings is continuously distributed and consistent with the direction of tension, it will significantly improve the bearing capacity of parts. For example, when the crankshaft is designed and manufactured, the full streamline forging method is adopted to make the streamline continuously distributed along with the shape of the crankshaft, then the direction of the maximum normal stress during the work of the crankshaft is parallel to the direction of the streamline, and the direction of the maximum shear stress is perpendicular to the direction of the streamline, which can reduce the material consumption at the same time, and greatly improve the service life of the crankshaft.


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