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What material is Nitronic 50?

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Nitronic 50 is a high-performance austenitic stainless steel, its yield strength is about twice that of ordinary 3xx series stainless steel, and the corrosion performance is improved. It is widely used in various marine and industrial applications.

Compared with 316L alloy, it contains increased chromium and molybdenum, thereby improving corrosion resistance. The pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) of 316L alloy is 25, while the PREN of Nitronic 50 is 34. Super duplex stainless steel has a PREN>40, but has different mechanical properties. This is the main reason why Nitronic 50 was chosen to replace the super duplex alloy. Because of its ability to resist sulfide stress cracking, it is listed as an acidic application in NACE MR 0175.

In order to maintain the good mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steel, such as ductility and toughness at high and low temperatures, and ease of welding and manufacturing, a large increase in nickel content is required. If this nickel is not added, its microstructure will tend to be a dual-phase product, even with higher strength, but lower toughness and toughness. However, this does mean that Nitronic 50 is a more expensive alloy than duplex and super duplex stainless steels.

Like some super duplex stainless steels, it also uses increased nitrogen content to increase strength, so it is sometimes called a nitrogen-strengthened alloy. The addition of manganese also improves strength through solid solution strengthening.

Nitronic 50 is a trademark of AK Steel Corporation. This alloy is also widely known as XM19, which is the name of the general alloy title in ASTM A276 and ASTM A479 and UNS S20910 or DIN 1.3964.

There are two conditions for this alloy. The first condition is solution annealing, which is easy to machine. However, most Ronsco Alloys customers specify a higher-strength version, depending on the diameter provided under hot-rolled or strain-hardened conditions. Larger diameters can achieve higher strength, while still being able to be hot rolled down to below the maximum hardness level (HRC <35) specified in NACE-use lower than normal rolling temperatures to affect the structure. For smaller diameters, we have found that strain hardening conditions can achieve more consistent performance and lower penetration steel hardness.

Ronsco Alloys' Nitronic 50 is not only a substitute trademark. For smaller diameters, our manufacturing route is unique to us, ensuring that the required "high strength" performance can be achieved within the largest possible bar diameter range.

Common applications of Nitronic 50

Valve accessories, especially valve stems, have excellent alloy toughness

Marine applications, including rigging, lanyards and accessories using cold drawn lengths

Pump shaft

Sucker rod of oil pumping unit


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