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Safety technology to be paid attention to in welding processing

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Pipe Welding

1. Wear work clothes, work shoes, and gloves before welding. You must use a mask when welding to prevent arcing from damaging your skin, face and eyes.

2. Before electric welding, check whether the welding machine is grounded, whether the cable and welding clamp insulation are intact, and the welding clamp should not be placed on the workbench or work piece that has been connected to the electricity to prevent the welding machine from being burnt by short circuit.

3. Do not touch the two output terminals of the welding torch at the same time to prevent electric shock.

4. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and fire near the oxygen cylinder and acetylene generator for gas welding.

5. Check the water level of the tempering preventer before gas welding, close the acetylene valve immediately when tempering occurs, check the cause, and try to eliminate it.

6. Do not spray flames on people and rubber pipes during gas welding.

7. Do not touch the newly welded weldment directly with your hands. When cleaning the welding slag, pay attention to the surrounding conditions and control the flying direction of the welding slag to prevent the hot slag from scalding people or igniting objects.

8. The welding work site should be well ventilated to prevent harmful gases from the decomposition of the coating from gathering around the operator and affecting human health.

9. Do not watch the arc directly with the naked eye, and observe the surrounding conditions before starting the arc to prevent the arc from harming yourself and others.

10. After welding, the power supply should be cut off, and the residual fire that may exist on the spot can be eliminated before leaving.

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