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Process introduction and advantages of laser welding processing

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laser welding process

Laser welding has high processing accuracy, fast production speed, good surface finish, and beautiful appearance. Therefore, it is more widely used in precision welding industries such as glasses, hardware and electronics, jewelry, bathroom and kitchenware.

The processing process is to radiate a laser beam with excellent directivity, high brightness, high intensity, high monochromaticity, high coherence and other characteristics into the surface area of the processed workpiece. After the laser beam is focused by the optical system, the laser focus is The power density is 104-107W/cm2. Through the interaction between the laser and the welded object, a highly concentrated heat source area is formed at the welded area in a very short time. The heat energy makes the welded area melted and then cooled and crystallized to form a firm Of solder joints and weld seams.

According to the different lasers used and their working methods, there are two commonly used welding methods. One is pulse laser welding, which is mainly used for single-point fixed continuous welding and thin-piece material welding, forming a round welding spot during welding; One is continuous laser welding, which is mainly used for welding and cutting large and thick parts. A continuous weld is formed during the welding process.

In the welding process, the beam focus position is one of the most critical control process parameters. Under a certain laser power and welding speed, the maximum penetration depth and good weld shape can be obtained only when the focus is within the optimal position range.

The use of laser welding processing has the following advantages:

1) The laser beam has a very high power density, resulting in fast welding speed, small deformation, and can weld materials that are difficult to weld such as titanium and quartz;

2) The beam is easy to transmit and control, no need to replace welding torches, nozzles, etc., which reduces downtime and improves production efficiency.

3) Fast cooling rate, high welding seam strength and good overall performance.

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