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Nimonic 105

Nimonic 105 is a Ni-Co-Cr-based precipitation hardening deformation superalloy, and its use temperature. The alloy has high room temperature and high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance, but general hot workability and welding performance.
Nimonic 105 is suitable for manufacturing high temperature components such as aero engine turbine blades, high temperature, bolts, etc. The main products are hot-rolled bars and flat steels, cold drawn bars, profiles and rings.
  • Nimonic 105

Nimonic105/GH4105 age-hardening nickel-based alloy high temperature turbine blades.


Nimonic105/ is a Ni-Co-Cr-based precipitation hardening deformation superalloy, the service temperature is 750℃-950℃. Nimonic105/alloy has high room temperature and high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance, but general hot workability and welding performance. It is suitable for manufacturing high-temperature parts such as aero-engine turbine blades and high-temperature bolts. The main products are hot-rolled bars, flat bars, cold-drawn bars, profiles and ring parts.

Nimonic105/application overview and characteristics:

The alloy has been used in the manufacture of aero-engine turbine blades, fan-shaped seals, high-temperature bolts and other parts, and the batch production and use are in good condition.

The alloy has high resistance to deformation and should be prevented from cracking during forging and rolling. The suitable cold drawing temperature for cold drawn bars is about 600°C.

Nimonic105/corresponding brand:

GH4105 GH105 Nimonic 105

Nimonic105/heat treatment system:

Extracted from HB/Z140 and WS9 7063, the standard heat treatment system of each product is:

A. Hot-rolled rods, flat materials and forgings for blades, 1150℃±10℃ heat preservation for 4 hours, air cooling+1030℃±10℃ heat preservation for 16 hours, air cooling+700℃±5℃ heat preservation for 16 hours, air cooling;

B Cold drawn rod, 1125℃±10℃ air cooling +850℃±10℃ heat preservation for 16 hours, air cooling, in which solid solution holding time: d≤3mm, 1 hour; d﹥3 mm~6 mm, 2 hours; d﹥6 mm ~40mm, 4 hours.

Nimonic105/Melting temperature range:


GH4105 density:

7.97 g/cm3

Nimonic105/Main specifications:

Seamless pipes, steel plates, round steel, forgings, flanges, rings, welded pipes, steel strips, straight bars, wires and supporting welding materials, round cakes, flat steel, hexagonal bars, processed parts, bolts and nuts, GH4105 fastening Pieces

Product Name Nimonic 105(GH4105, W. Nr. 2.4634)Pipes, Tubes, Sheets, Bars
Type  Seamless / Welded
Shape Square / Rectangular / Round
Grade Stainless steel 304 / 304L / 310S / 316L / 317L / 904L / 2205 / 2507 / 32760 / 253MA / 254Mo / S31803 / S32750 / S32205 etc
Monel 400 / Monel K-500 
Inconel 600 / Inconel 601 / Inconel 625 / Inconel 617 / Inconel 690 / Inconel 718 / Inconel X-750
Incoloy A-286 / Incoloy 800 / Incoloy 800H / Incoloy 800HT
Incoloy 825 / Incoloy 901 / Incoloy 925 / Incoloy 926
Nimonic 75 / Nimonic 80A / Nimonic 90 / Nimonic 105 / Nimonic 263 / Nimonic L-605
Hastelloy B / Hastelloy B-2 / Hastelloy B-3 / Hastelloy C / Hastelloy C-276 / Hastelloy C-22
Hastelloy C-4 / Hastelloy C-200 / Hastelloy G-35 / Hastelloy X / Hastelloy N
Austenitic stainless steel 904L / XM-19 / 316Ti / 316LN / 317L / 310S / 253MA
DP steel 254SMo / F50 / 2205 / 2507 / F55 / F60 / F61 / F65 
PH stainless steel 15-5PH / 17-4PH / 17-7PH 
Out diameter  Seamless Pipe 6MM - 1174MM or customized
Thickness  Seamless Pipe 1mm - 80mm or customized
Max Length Seamless Pipe 12000mm or customized
Finish  2B, Pickling, polished, brushed, sandblast, BA, EP,
Packing  waterproof polybag, wooden box, end cap, wooden crame/pallet
Inspection  TUV,SGS,BV,ABS,LR and so on
Application  Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio-Medical, Petrochemical & Refinery, Environmental, Food Processing, Aviation, Chemical Fertilizer, Sewage Disposal, Desalination, Waste Incineration etc. 
Processing Service  Machining : Turning / Milling / Planing / Drilling / Boring / Grinding / Gear Cutting / CNC Machining  
Deformation processing :  Bending / Cutting / Rolling / Stamping
Delivery Time 7-40 days
Payment T/T, L/C,D/A,D/P, Western Union,MoneyGram,According to customer requirements payments for offline orders.
Transportation By air, by sea, by train, by truck
Sample Free
Warranty Trade assurance after sales service

Production Process of Nimonic 105:


Available Shape of Nimonic 105:

Inconel 718 Available Shape of High temperature alloy steel

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