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Haynes 25 / L605

Haynes 25 (L605 / UNS R30605), excellent strength, good oxidation resistance, 1800°F (980°C) resistance, very good vulcanization resistance, and relatively good wear resistance and abrasion resistance. Used in gas turbine parts, bearings and various industrial applications.


Haynes 25 alloy is a cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy that has excellent high-temperature strength and an oxidizing environment up to 1800°F (980°C), can be exposed for a long time, and has excellent resistance to sulfuration. It can be manufactured and shaped by conventional techniques and has been used for casting parts. Other attractive features include excellent resistance to metal abrasion.


Available product table:

The materials are produced in the form of plates, sheets, strips, billets, rods, wires, coated electrodes, tubes and tubes.

  • Alloy Haynes 25 / Udimet L605 (UNS R30605)
  • Ronsco
RONSCO Alloy L605 Parameter Table
Alloy L605; Cobalt L-605; UNS R30605; HAYNES® 25; W.Nr.2.4964 ; GH5605; AWS 060; W.NR 2.4964, KC20WN
Genenal Introduction
Alloy L605 is a non-magnetic, solid solution, Co-Ni-Cr-W superalloy that is useful for continuous service to 1800°F (980°C). Its good strength can be upto 2150°F. AMS 5759 requires minimum yield strength of 45,000 psi at room temperature. L605 maintains good oxidation resistance up to 1900° F. L605 has a unique ability to resist corrosion in very severe environments. Highly resistant to hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and wet chlorine (subject to need for exercising care in its selection at certain con¬centrations and temperatures)

L605 is the strongest of the fabricable cobalt alloys and has been the subject of many investigations to determine its properties over a wide of conditions because of its long and widespread use. Alloy L605 exhibits a loss of room temperature ductility in much the same way as other superalloys, such as alloy X or alloy 625, when exposed for prolonged temperatures at intermediate temperatures.
Chemical Composition:
Content C Si  Mn S P Cr Co Ni Fe W
Min 0.05

19.00  BAL 9.00 
Max 0.15  0.40  2.00  0.03  0.04  21.00  BAL 11.00  3.00  16.00 

Forms & Specifications
Form Standard
Bar AMS 5759 ASTM F90 GE B50T26A
Cold Worked Bars MCI 1031 GPS 2051
Sheet, Plate, Strip, Foil AMS 5537
Welding Tube GE B50T26A
Forging AMS 5759/BS HR 40
 Welding Wire AMS 5796

Physical Properties Application:
Density:  0.330lbs./cubic inch; 9.13g/cm³
Oxidation resistant: upto 1800°F
Excellent resistance to sulphidation
High temperature strength
Resistance to wear and galling
Great ductility forming & welding characteristics
Combustion chambers and afterburners
Turbine blades & rings
Industrial furnaces, including flame traps and linings in key parts of high temperature furnaces.
High temperature ball bearings and bearing races
Medical materials: Heart valves

Untimate Tensile Yield Strength(0.2 OS) Elong in 4D % Hardness
Min 125ksi 45.0ksi 30

Min 862Mpa 310Mpa


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