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Hastelloy C-276 (W.Nr 2.4819, UNS N10276) Plate & Sheet

Hastelloy C-276 (W.Nr 2.4819, UNS N10276, NiMo16Cr15W) is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy containing tungsten. It has a very low silicon-carbon content and is considered a corrosion-resistant alloy.

Hastelloy alloy C-276 Plate is mainly resistant to wet chlorine, various oxidizing chlorides, chloride salt solutions, sulfuric acid and oxidizing salts, and has good corrosion resistance in low and medium temperature hydrochloric acid. Therefore, Hastelloy alloy C-276 Sheet has a wide range of applications in harsh corrosive environments, such as chemical, petrochemical, flue gas desulfurization, pulp and paper, environmental protection and other industrial fields.
  • Hastelloy C-276 (W.Nr 2.4819, UNS N10276) Plate & Sheet
Technical Data Sheet of Plate & Sheet
Product Name

ASTM B575 Hastelloy Alloy C-276 (UNS N10276, 2.4819) Plate & Sheet

Equivalent Materials Alloy C-276, DIN 2.4819, W.Nr. 2.4819, NiMo16Cr15W, UNS N10276, NW 0276
Type  Cold Drawn, Hot Rolled, Hot Forged



Grade Stainless steel 301 / 302 / 303 / 304 / 304L / 310S / 316L / 316Ti / 316LN / 317L / 904L / 2205 / 2507 / 321 / 32760 / 253MA / 254SMo / 410 / 420 / 430 / Custom465 / XM-19 / S31803 / S32750 / S32205 / F50 / F60 / F55 / F60 / F61 / F65.
Nitronic 30 / Nitronic 32 / Nitronic 33 / Nitronic 40 / Nitronic 50 / Nitronic 60  etc.
Monel 400 / Monel K-500 
Inconel 600 / Inconel 601 / Inconel 625 / Inconel 617 / Inconel 690 / Inconel 718 / Inconel X-750
Incoloy A-286 / Incoloy 800 / Incoloy 800H / Incoloy 800HT
Incoloy 825 / Incoloy 901 / Incoloy 925 / Incoloy 926
Nimonic 75 / Nimonic 80A / Nimonic 90 / Nimonic 105 / Nimonic C263 / L-605
Hastelloy B / Hastelloy B-2 / Hastelloy B-3 / Hastelloy C / Hastelloy C-276 / Hastelloy C-22
Hastelloy C-4 / Hastelloy C-2000 / Hastelloy G-35 / Hastelloy X / Hastelloy N
PH stainless steel 15-5PH / 17-4PH / 17-7PH 
Thickness  hot rolled  2.5mm-200mm
cold rolled 0.3mm - 6mm
width hot rolled  1000mm-3500mm
cold rolled 10mm - 2000mm
Finish  2B, NO.1, HL, NO.4, 4K, 8K, sandblast, BA
Packing Wooden box,  wooden crame/pallet, iron frame
Inspection  TUV,BV,ABS,LR and so on
Application  Hastelloy C-276 Plate & Sheet is used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, and aerospace. Such as the distillation and concentration of hydrochloric acid; the alkylation of ethylbenzene and low-pressure oxo acetic acid and other production processes. Aircraft rocket nozzles; ocean, salt water and high-chlorine environments; flue gas desulfurization, pulp and paper, etc.
Processing Service  Machining : Turning / Milling / Planing / Drilling / Boring / Grinding / Gear Cutting / CNC Machining  
Deformation processing :  Bending / Cutting / Rolling / Stamping 
Delivery Time 7-40 days
Payment  T/T, L/C,D/A,D/P, Western Union,MoneyGram,According to customer requirements payments for offline orders.
Transportation By air, by sea, by train, by truck
Sample Free
Warranty Trade assurance after sales service

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Detailed introduction of ASTM B575 Alloy C276 Plates:


We can customize and process Hastelloy C276 Hot Rolled Plate and ASTM B575 UNS N10276 Cold Rolled Sheet according to customer requirements, with high standards and high quality. Main products: Nickel Alloy C-276 Plates,ASTM B575 Hastelloy C276 Plates,Alloy Hastelloy C276 Plate, Alloy C276 nickel alloy plate (UNS N10276).

Overview of Hastelloy Alloy C276 Sheet & Plate:

Hastelloy C-276 plate is also called NiMo16Cr15W, which belongs to nickel-molybdenum-chromium-iron-tungsten nickel-based alloy. It is the most corrosion-resistant kind of modern metal materials. It is mainly resistant to wet chlorine, various oxidizing chlorides, chloride salt solutions, acids and oxidizing salts, and has good corrosion resistance in low temperature and medium temperature hydrochloric acid. Therefore, in the past 30 years, in harsh corrosive environments, such as chemical industry, petrochemical industry, flue gas removal, pulp and paper, environmental protection and other industrial fields, it has been widely used.

NiMo16Cr15W (Hastelloy C-276) is generally considered to be the most versatile heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy. We can provide NiMo16Cr15W forging materials according to DIN 17750. We use EAF + VOD-ESR melting method to melt NiMo16Cr15W materials, according to NiMo16Cr15W For the heat treatment of forgings, solution treatment and aging treatment can be carried out at the same time.

Chemical Composition of ASTM B575 Hastelloy C-276 Plates:

The chemical composition of Nimo16cr15W alloy:

Carbon C: ≤0.08, Silicon Si: ≤1.00, Manganese Mn: ≤1.00, Phosphorus P: ≤0.040, S: ≤0.03, Nickel Ni: Base, Chromium Cr: 14.5~16.5, Molybdenum Mo: 15.00~17.0, Tungsten W: 3.0~4.5, iron Fe: 4.0~7.0, vanadium V: ≤0.35.

Physical Properties of ASTM B575 Alloy C276 Plate:

Physical properties of Nimo16cr15W: density: 8.94 g/cm3, melting point: 1350 ℃, specific heat capacity: 0.385 103J/kg.K, thermal conductivity: 29.3 W (mK), elastic modulus: 210 103 MPa, tensile strength: 690, Yield strength: 310, elongation rate A5 %: 40.

Mechanical Properties of ASTM B575 Hastelloy C276 Plates:

Temperature (℃)   Yield strengthσ0.2 (Mpa) Tensile strengthσb (Mpa)  Elongationδ5 (%)
-196 565 965 45
-101 480  895  50
21  415  790  50
93  380  725  50
204  345  710  50
316  315  675  55
427  290 655  60
538  270 640  60

The hot working temperature range of Hastelloy C-276 alloy plate is 1200℃~950℃, and the cooling method is water cooling or rapid air cooling. In order to ensure the best anti-corrosion performance, heat treatment should be carried out after thermal processing, and the workpiece should be directly added to the heated heat treatment furnace.

The work hardening rate of Hastelloyc-276 alloy plate is greater than that of austenitic stainless steel, so processing equipment needs to be selected. The workpiece should be in a solution heat treatment state, and there should be intermediate annealing during the cold rolling process. If the cold rolling deformation is greater than 15%, the workpiece needs to be subjected to a second solution treatment.

The solution treatment temperature range of Hastelloyc-276 sheet is 1100℃~1160℃. The cooling method is water quenching, and rapid air cooling can also be used for materials with a thickness of less than 1.5mm. If air cooling is used, it should be cooled from 1000°C to 600°C within 2 minutes. During the heat treatment process, the workpiece must be kept clean.

The surface oxide of Hastelloyc-276 sheet and the adhesion of welding slag around the weld are stronger than stainless steel. It is recommended to use fine-grained abrasive belt or fine-grained grinding wheel for polishing. Before pickling with HNO3/HF mixed acid, the oxide film must be broken by sandblasting or grinding.

Machining of Hastelloy C-276 (N10276) alloy plate: Because it is sensitive to work hardening, it is advisable to use low cutting speed and heavy feed to process it in order to be machined under the cold hardened surface.

Application of Nickel Alloy C-276 & NiMo16Cr15W Plates:

NiMo16Cr15W (Hastelloy C276 W.Nr 2.4819 UNS N10276) application areas: petrochemical equipment, heat exchangers, flue gas removal equipment, fluid chemical pumps, fluorine chemicals, etc.

Due to the special mechanical properties of NiMo16Cr15W forgings, its wide range of uses are as follows: NiMo16Cr15W seamless rolled ring and NiMo16Cr15W forged shaft, used in chemical pumps and plunger pumps.

NiMo16Cr15W forged shafts, NiMo16Cr15W forged tubes, NiMo16Cr15W forged tubes, forged tube sheets, forged flanges used in pressure vessels, air receivers, shell and tube heat exchangers

NiMo16Cr15W forged shaft, NiMo16Cr15W forged flange, NiMo16Cr15W forged ring, NiMo16Cr15W for towers and towers, tanks, silos, process modules, preheaters

NiMo16Cr15W forged bushings, NiMo16Cr15W forged bushings, NiMo16Cr15W forged discs, NiMo16Cr15W forged discs, used in offshore and onshore industries, such as subsea and deepwater offshore oil extraction systems, industrial air compressors, generators and nitrogen generators

NiMo16Cr15W open die forging parts, forging parts, forging nozzles, forging crankshafts for cement plants, sugar plants, concrete plants and mixers.

NiMo16Cr15W forged valve stems, forged valve parts, forged valve seat rings, forged valve blocks, used for ball valves, check valves, filters, globe valves, gate valves, cartridge valves, etc.

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