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Stainless steel forgings manufacturer: how to process heavy forgings?

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Heavy forgings play a very important role in engineering, in which the heavy ring forgings are rolled into a circle, can control the dimensional tolerance of products, reduce the amount of car processing. But in the selection of ring forging we must be careful, do not choose defective ring forging, if the selection of defective ring forging will seriously affect the use in the project, will also have a certain risk. So, how do you choose heavy forging? Hunan Allianz metal products -23 years forging industry experience accumulation, give you the best answer.

Want to see the surface of forgings above all: if the surface has crack, fold, crease, press pit, orange peel, bubble, spot scar, corrosion pit, bump, foreign matter, not full, pit, lack of flesh, scratch and other defects, it is recommended that you do not buy.

The machining allowance size analysis of heavy forgings also has relevant requirements for the material of heavy forgings, the billet cannot be used as a forging part for forging processing. And the part of different shapes also wants to ensure certain forging ratio, can not use the round steel forging that size is similar to produce in forging processing temperature, forging frequency, pressure size these all have the strict requirement. The metal crystals in heavy forgings are more compact, and the forgings are processed without damaging the metal fibers of the raw material and allowing the metal lines to flow more smoothly.


These advantages of heavy forging are not easy to come by, they are mainly due to its strict technical requirements. The allowance size of heavy ring forging must conform to the international safety standards, and its material must be consistent with the material of the part. The chemical composition must also conform to the national uniform standards and the material list must be issued. The main way to reduce hydrogen content in steel is to conduct vacuum degassing of molten steel or adopt a vacuum pouring method in the process of steelmaking. Post-forging heat treatment: dehydroannealing to diffuse hydrogen in steel.

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Stainless Steel Heaving Forgings

Stainless steel forgings are objects in which the stainless steel material is pressed to shape the desired shape or compression force through plastic deformation. Today mainly tells about the stainless steel forging factory processing forging process.

First, the design principles:

The process specifically designed for stainless steel forgings shall ensure the machining quality of the machine and meet the technical requirements specified on the drawings provided by the customer. The process should be high productivity so that the stainless steel forging products as soon as possible delivery. Try to reduce the cost of manufacturing, pay attention to reduce the labor intensity of workers, to ensure production safety.

And then the source material:

Stainless steel forging assembly drawing, parts drawing. Forging acceptance quality standard.

Production conditions of stainless steel forging plant, including the specifications, performance and existing state of machine tools and forging process equipment, the technical level of the workers, the plant's ability to make process equipment and the plant's ability to supply power, gas and other relevant information.Design manuals and related standards for the design of production process regulations and process equipment.Domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing technology data.

Finally, steps:

1. Analyze and study the assembly drawing of stainless steel forgings.

2. Determine the blank.

3. Draw up the production process route of stainless steel forging and choose the base surface.

4. Determine the equipment used in each process.

5. Determine the tools, fixtures, gauges and auxiliary tools used in each process.

6. Determine the technical requirements and inspection methods for each main process.

7. Determine the machining allowance of each process, calculate the process dimensions and tolerances.

8. Determine the cutting parameters.

9. Determine the time quota.


Application of heavy forgings: Chemical Industry, Petroleum, Electric Power, Metallurgy, Construction, Shipbuilding, etc

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