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Ronsco has Finished the quality check before shipping to Middle East

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                                                                              Ronsco has Finished the quality check before shipping to Middle East

  Here are some details of the order shipping:

  Year: 2021

  Product Name: Nickel Alloy & Forging Rings

  Specification:  OD 25''(635mm)*ID 20''(508MM)*Height 0.5'(152.4mm)

  Grade: Hastelloy N


  Qty':4 PCS

  Nickel alloys are alloys with nickel as principal element and has the following 3 subcategories:Nickel–aluminium alloys‎ (4 P); Nickel–chromium alloys‎ (5 P) and Nickel–titanium alloys‎ (6 P).

  Ronsco's most popular model among nickel alloys is GH3030 High Temperature Alloy Steel. It's applied in industrial scenario with standard as GB. We offer types as bar, plate, forging and pipe.

  GH3030 solid solution strengthening type high temperature alloy is the early development of ni - cr solid solution strengthening 20 -80 type high temperature alloy, the chemical composition is simple, under 800 ℃ has satisfactory heat intensity and high plasticity, and has good oxidation resistance, thermal fatigue, cold stamping and welding performance. Alloy after solid solution treatment for single-phase austenitic, stability in use process organization.
Ronsco Supply GH3030 product specifications and Deliver status: Products Forme: GH3030 Seamless Pipe, GH3030 Sheet & Plate, GH3030 Round Bar, GH3030 Forging, G3030 Flange, G3030 Forging Ring etc.

It features great process performance:
1. The alloy has good forgeability, the forging heating temperature is 1180 ℃, and the final forging is 900 ℃.
2. The average grain size of the alloy is closely related to the degree of deformation of the forging and the final forging temperature.
3. After heat treatment, the oxide scale on the surface of the part can be removed by sandblasting or pickling.



Roncoe  is a key enterprise of the Ministry of Chemical Industry of China.

  The company has a well-equipped production workshop, technical development department, welding laboratory and other research and testing institutions, with a complete measuring equipment, such as crimping, machining, riveting equipment, heat treatment, surface corrosion, etc.From the technical equipment level, verification, physical and chemical metallography, non-destructive testing and other inspection methods, as well as more than 600 sets of manufacturing testing equipment, to ensure product safety performance and manufacturing quality.

  Ronsco has a perfect processing service platform.Mechanical processing equipment from Japan, Germany, Italy and other imports, complete specifications, high precision, large scale, complete functions.At present, there are more than 60 sets of large and medium-sized gantry five-face machining centers, vertical and horizontal turning, milling, boring, deep hole drilling, multi-axis drilling, gantry planer and so on.We have 42 professional technicians in processing. Through years of external processing services, we have accumulated rich experience in handling various materials and types of parts, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, forgings, special steels, etc., and have become the designated supplier of Siemens, Emerson and other companies in Germany.Contact us!





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