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Ronsco 2019 Annual summary Meeting

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An annual meeting is the best way to welcome the new year,it is also a time to harvest, summarize & be happy. Ronsco's 2019 annual meeting with us on January 16 2020.

The toastmasters who not only beautiful, handsome but also humorous opened the annual meeting in a passionate speech.

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The whole annual meeting also in a cheerful and relaxed. Be Full of joy and orderly.

The founder Mr. Wang summarized the company's achievements in the 2019, as well as the overall plan and expectations for the future 2020. He raised his glass toasted to everyone and wished that do most best with the spirit of the Ronsco's vision in the new year To achieve the common ideals of Allianz members.

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Games, awards, dances, and songs brought the whole party to a climax; time always passed relentlessly, and the time arrived at 10:30. Everyone left the party with great harvest and joy,Even colleagues started to imagine the scene of next year's annual meeting.

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Finally,Great Wish For the 2020, under the leadership of Wang Lirong, under the guidance of the company's new strategic plan, the Allianz family will fully implement the company's values To achieve the common ideals of Allianz members.

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