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Hunan Allianz Metal products CO., LTD was established in1996,and RONSCO as our brand was built in 2014.

As a manufacturer with 25 years experience in high-temperature alloy products, we have a professional service team to provide high standard of technical support, timely and qualified delivery, customs clearance assistance, and reliable after-sales services, etc..

After 25 years of development, Ronsco has now grown up to over 200 employees, half of whom have worked in high-temperature alloy industry for more than 10 years. Besides, we possess 15 product experts and experienced technicians to ensure the product quality.

Ronsco has the international advanced special metallurgical capabilities, including 6-ton Vacuum Induction furnace, 6-ton Vacuum Arc Remelting, 18-ton Electroslag Remelting and 18-ton Argon Protection Electroslag Remelting, 20-ton AOD refining furnace, 20-ton LF refining furance, 20-ton VOD refining furnace, production line, 25MN & 8MN forging machines, type 450 & 320 rolling machine, type 90 straightening machine, type 40 straightening machine with 7 rollers hyperbolic curve, type 40 straightening machine with 11 rollers, type 100 flaying machine, type 40 flaying machine, type 83 centerless grinding machine and type 80 centerless grinding machine.

And our business has grown and developed from traditional industries to other new tech fields like oil & gas, petrochemical, nuclear, biological medicine, electrical power, shipbuilding, aviation and aerospace.

We have provided our high-quality Ni-base alloy and Co-based alloy materias to more than 60 countries customers. We have many advantage grades alloys such as 245SMo, 17-4PH, 904L, S32760, Nitronic 60, Nimonic C263, Inconel 713C, Inconel 718, Inconel 601, Incoloy 901, and Monel K500.



In the following cases, you can request a return or exchange.

1. The customer found a serious discrepancy with the contract requirements within 5 days of receiving the goods

2. The customer finds that the product has a major defect within 5 days of receiving the goods, and the product cannot be used normally

3. The goods cannot arrive within the specified time due to human reasons


PH Stainless Steel
Phones+86-17708476248 / 0731-82250427
Email: info@ronsteel.com
Address: Room 2505-2508, 25th floor, C3 Building, Wanda Plaza, Kaifu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, China


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