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Alloy 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel

430 stainless is a ferritic straight chrome grade. 430 presents a good corrosion resistance and formability. Typical applications for 430 include: Appliance (components and surface), and automotive trim.


  • 430

Type 430 Stainless Steel is perhaps the most popular non-hardenable ferritic stainless steel available. Type 430 is known for good corrosion, heat, oxidation resistance, and its decorative nature.It is important to note that when well polished or buffed its corrosion resistance increases. All welding must occur at higher temperatures, but it is easily machined, bent, and formed.  Thanks to this combination it is used in a number of different commercial and industrial applications including:

  • Furnace combustion chambers

  • Automotive trim and molding

  • Gutters and downspouts

  • Nitric acid plant equipment

  • Oil and Gas refinery equipment

  • Restaurant equipment

  • Dishwasher linings

  • Element supports and fasteners

To be considered Type 430 Stainless Steel, a product must have a unique chemical composition that includes:

Si 1%

Hot & Cold Working with 430 Stainless Steel

430 stainless steel can be hot worked in the temperature range of 1500 to 1900° F. Once it has reached a uniform temperature, it can be fabricated by methods such as forging. The 430 grade is susceptible to excessive grain growth if exposed to high temperatures for too long, which reduces ductility. It should be air cooled quickly to room temperature. Slow cooling at less than 1000° F can cause embrittlement. This grade of stainless steel does not harden when heat treated, remaining ductile. Stainless Steel 430 can be cold worked, but it does not work harden as rapidly as a 301 or 304 stainless steel.

Applications for 430 Stainless Steel

This grade of stainless steel can be supplied in all the usual forms: sheet, strip, plate, bar and tube. Its low cost combined with good corrosion resistance lends itself well to the making of domestic appliances. A lot of 430 stainless is used in cookers, washing machines, and dishwashers. Stove element supports are often produced in 430 stainless steel. It can also be found in shallow draw/limited depth Stainless Steel sinks.The motor industry uses a lot of 430 stainless steel in its automotive trim and muffler systems. You will also find it used for flue linings, industrial roofing, wall cladding, hinges, and fasteners.

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